Do I ship my Cake Pops?
 No, sorry. I did for a time, but due to weather and the risk involved with shipping my cute fragile creations, I am no longer shipping. 

How many cake pops must I order?
 I sale my Cake Pops by the dozen.  So each dozen can be completely different, but they must be purchased in sets of a dozen.

Do the Cake Pops come wrapped?
Yes, unless ask me specifically to leave them unwrapped.

What is the maximum size order?
I have filled orders from 1 dozen to 100 dozen Cake Pops. So I do bulk!

Is there a bulk Discount?
No, sorry!

Do I do tastings and/or provide sample Cake Pops for interested customers?
For weddings and large events I am happy to meet with couples and provide samples. I also sale a SAMPLER for $30.

What length of Cake Pop sticks do you use?
I always use a 4" stick unless you specifically ask for a longer one. I also have 6" and 8" sticks.

How long will the Cake Pops last once picking them up?
The Cake Pops are made fresh and will be good for up to a week and a half.  They also can be frozen for a longer shelf life.

What should I do with my Cake Pops once I get them home?
Refrigerating them is best.

Where am I located?
Littleon, CO. Closest cross street are Kipling and Ken Caryl. Contact me for my address

Do I deliver?
Yes, for a $30 fee, in the Denver Metro area. Additional fee for deliveries farther away or for wedding cakes. 

Do I make & sale wedding cakes? 
I do, but it is based on my availability. Prices start at $550. I only use fondant to decorate.