Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whitney & Jimmer Fredette’s Wedding Cake

Is this cake beautiful or what?
 ...Almost as beautiful as the couple cutting into it!

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmer Fredette

I always say this, and I mean it each time, but this is my new favorite cake that I have made. I was given a rare opportunity to make a wedding cake for a very well known couple and the sweetest people ever. Whitney & Jimmer Fredette were married in June of this year and I had the privilege of making their wedding cake, they have great taste...

This four tiered white fondant wedding cake has two tiers of chocolate cake, one of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (the couple's favorite), and the tallest tier, the second from the top, has three layers of marbled cake with chocolate frosting! Delicious!  Everything you see you can eat! The flower and all of its pedals are handmade using gum paste and attached with white chocolate. I love working with chocolate!

Cutting in...

Loving the smiles, they are TOO adorable!
LOVE the full handed smash, go Whitney!

 My favorite moment and a memory that made my day was when Whitney saw the cake for the first time. It was priceless; she was standing at the cake table staring in awe and said “Natalie this is exactly what I wanted!” Still makes me smile thinking about it. It is so rewarding to be a little part of someone's big day!

 Congratulations Whitney & Jimmer! Thanks for being so gracious. Love ROCKS!!


  1. it is a BEAUTIFUL cake. You did a phenomenal job. And her dress is STUNNING!!!!!

  2. That is one gorgeous cake, Natalie!

  3. Fabulous job on this wedding cake! The cascading petals create such a graceful effect.

  4. WOW YOU GO GIRL!!!! i love it. it looks amazing!

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