Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday

This weekend I did a birthday party for an adorable 2 year old boy. His favorite thing is cars, trucks, or anything with wheels, so that obviously was the theme. I made a delicious Fondant two tiered birthday cake. The top tier was yellow cake with a lemon butter cream filling and the bottom tier was chocolate was a vanilla butter cream filling. Everyone loved it! I handmade the fondant, the road, the road signs, his name, and the polka dot boarder.

However, the party would not be complete without CAKE POPS! They followed the same car theme. The colors were blue, brown, and orange. Inside was yellow and chocolate cake. It is so fun choosing the perfect sprinkles and embellishing the top with a little car or stop sign. The toppers I did not make. I picked them up at a local craft store.

With a perfect cake and Cake Pops, you cannot go wrong! I decorated the rest of the table with pails full of candy, Goldfish crackers (what 2 year old doesn’t like gold fish?), and a 3 layered stand with Cake Bites! TOO cute!!!

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