Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ordering Cake Pops is Like Ordering Flowers

Ordering Cake Pops is just like ordering flowers. It is simple, no hassle, affordable, quick shipping, and the recipient will LOVE getting Cake Pops delivered to their door!!!  Cake Pops even can be arranged in a bouquet.

Cake Pops are the perfect gift for a friend out of state.
Send them to the one you love.
Also, to family during the holidays.

You simply place an order and I do all the work. You can avoid going to the mall, fighting the  crowds, and standing in line at the post office, all with the hope that the person likes what you picked out.  
Cake Pops are a guaranteed hit!!!
Who doesn’t like cute and tasty treats!!!

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  1. so what is that candy coating that you dip the cake in??