Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cake Pops

These Custom Cake Pops where made for a dear friend who loves the Chocolate & Peanut Butter combination, as do most of us!  Her husband said something funny that I will never forget, “Chocolate and Peanut Butter is proof to my wife that God loves her!”  Don’t we all have a few guilty pleasures that just bring so much joy and prove to each of us that we are loved!  

You NEED these!

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cake Pops can become your next guilty pleasure…
if they are not already!

 These yummy Cake Pops are perfectly moist Chocolate Cake, dipped in Peanut Butter and Chocolate candy coating, topped with peanuts or swirled with a fancy marble technique!

*Just a side note, I got a new camera a few days ago, a Canon Rebel XS. So, I am very excited to show off these pictures because they are the first ones I have posted using the new camera! I am loving learning how to use it! ENJOY


  1. Oh my goodness gracious, these are so so yummy! Thank you, Natalie!

  2. so excited to see your great work! I will be making these soon (in miniature) too!

  3. And you don't deliver for a while. This is just torture! They look delicious.