Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I am excited to share an awesome experience I had a few month back, when I met Angie Dudley, a.k.a. Bakerella. For anyone who is not familiar with Bakerella, you should to be, she has a world famous blog BAKERELLA and millions of followers.
She is my inspiration and the reason I started making and selling Cake Pops. Bakerella has published a couple books (best sellers) and sells her own Cake Pop kits and toys. I pretty much think she is the coolest thing around.
I went to her book signing, in Denver CO, and met her. She was not only talented and a Cake Pop/Baking Goddess, but she is the sweetest, most genuine person ever! As was her angelic mother J
Me with Angie's mother Sandy

Some cute holiday pins she brought for her fans
I am excited to share the pictures that were taken,  however I was bummed that I didn’t get a couple more with just the two of us. She will just have to come back!
I had a few other people attend with me, and I am excited to tell you about them.
Showing off the POPZTEE...she already owned one!
My husband, David Stadelman, owner of Bite SIZE Elegance, created, designed, and manufactured one of the very first Cake Pops Stands (The Popztee) and has sold over 100,000 stands. It is manufactured in the USA and is sold in countries all over the world. Thanks to Bakerella that dream of starting his own business was made a reality. Also pictured: Jason Gritters (business partner) and our 2 sweet boys- who love eating mommys "cake flops." 
Jason Gritters w/ Bakerella
Thank you Angie Dudley for changing the course of our lives!



  1. You go girl! SO awesome that you got to meet your inspiration.

  2. What a fun experience that obviously was! And huge congrats on your Popztee success. :-)

  3. Oh wow... I came here to look at your pops and discovered that you're responsible for the poptzee! I have two, they're perfect, and so much more sturdy than the cardboard ones. Thanks for inventing such a great product!