Saturday, July 13, 2013

What Is Inside My Cake Pops?

What is inside Natalie's Cake Pops?
This is a question that I never get; or at least not until after someone has bit into one. Generally after people have had a Cake Pop they love them, others are pleasantly surprised (and have a new addiction) and there is a small group of people that say, "What was that? Raw Cake?" This post will answer that question.
There are two ways to make Cake Pops:
1. The way I do it
2. The way I don't do it
(not because I created this way, but because it's the yummy way and the original way)
-bake a cake
-crumble it up
-mix in frosting
-roll into balls
-dip in chocolate
The part where people wonder about the consistency is caused by the mixing of cake and frosting. The cake at this point becomes very moist like a truffle or cookie dough, delicious, but not dry and spongy.
2. The Way I Don't Do It
-buy a Cake Pop maker
-make cake mix
-pour into Cake Pop pan or maker
(like you would be making cupcakes or waffles)
-dip in chocolate
...but be prepared for DRY Cake Pops.


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  1. Your way sounds yummy! Btw, we still recall featuring those lemon pops in a post we did on Lemon Wedding Favor Ideas some time back. So cute! :-)