Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Cup Cakes

 For the first time ever I piped cupcakes! Crazy enough a super cute couple Wes & Angie asked me to make their Big Wedding Cake Cupcake and lots of colorful cupcakes to accompany it. I warned them I had never done anything like it, but they turned out great! I was very pleased with the results and I give them all the credit, they are the ones with the fun ideas and great taste! 


I could not believe how cute their display table looked! They wrapped up all different size boxes in fun wrapping paper, added a little frill, set out the cake & cupcakes, and there you have it!

Cutest table I have ever seen!

Wes & Angie's Big Wedding Cake Cupcake
Their Big Wedding Cake Cupcake was a rich chocolate cake decorated in both butter cream frosting and rolled fondant. The cute flowers on top are handmade out of gum paste and edible candy pearls.
Check out the flavors of these yummy Cupcakes... 

Devils Food
Yellow Cake
Milk Chocolate
Strawberry Cake
Spice Cake
Funfetti Cake...every ones favorite

CONGRATS again to Angie & Wes!


  1. these are so cute! love the display, too!!


  2. How in the world did you get such bright colors!? This looks amazing! I wish you had been doing this when I got married, I would have definitely loved something like this.

  3. This might be the cutest thing I have EVER seen. WOW!! Just pinned a picture on Pinterest.