Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cake Pop Graphic Designer!

I am super excited to finally introduce you all to the very talented Lili Ribeira! She is a graphic designer, illustrator, and the most amazing artist ever! Literally her doodles look like masterpieces. I know, I have an eye for this stuff. Lili sent me just a small sample of her work and I am happy to share her talent with you! 

Check out her Cake Pop illustrations and other items from her portfolio below...
Love the fun Fall design & the Cake Pop!
This is one of my favorites...check out that detail!
Lili is the BEST....check out her skills!
too precious!
 Also, Lili has a new and very popular blog called it is loaded with completely free handouts for Young Women, FHE, and other LDS activities.  She is all about enhancing lessons with good design. It is frequently updated with new content.

Check out Lili’s online portfolio at you need to 
see more of this lady's awesomeness!

Remember to talk to Lili the next time you need…
Custom illustrations
Business logos
Graphic designs
any other project you may have!
Lili has a super quick turnaround.  For questions or quotes, send an email to


  1. Wow! She is super talented!! Thanks for sharing. Your cake pops look great too.

  2. She is very talented! Having known her very well for many years, I have loved watching her skill set and level of artistic polish grow and develop to the professional and beautiful point it has reached.

  3. Holy Moley! How talented! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love them all, just amazing!!!! K Natalie I wish you lived closer, I want to make a lego cake for Carter and I know you could make it look awesome if you were just closer! :(